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ArmaLite AR 30 Safety Tips

Often equipped with an effective muzzle brake, the ArmaLite AR 30 can be found at G4G at reasonable prices. If you’re considering buying the single-shot rifle, there are safety recommendations specific to the model that every owner should be aware of prior to purchase. The gun is designed for hunting or shooting targets and is a front locked, manually loaded bolt action rifle with chambers that can fit a variety of cartridges. The AR-30 uses a single stack magazine. This means the receiver can admit it through a narrow opening, making it stout and better for accuracy. The muzzle brake is optional and is held in place with a lock ring and Loc-Tite, making it unwise to remove unless there is a necessary replacement or repair. Be sure to s...  Read More

What Differentiates the LaserLyte Center Mass?

Laser sights are nearly a necessity on any weapon intended for home defense. In close residential quarters, nothing is more important than a moment-to-moment understanding of your firing line and the safety of your surroundings. The ability to make quick decisions with clear information is paramount. A laser sight grants excellent assistance while aiming when properly calibrated, but even the best things can be improved on. The LaserLyte Center Mass sight distinguishes itself in a number of ways that make it an excellent option. The chief thing that differentiates the LaserLyte Center Mass from other laser sights of equivalent price is that its sight is not singular. A complex system of refractory lenses split the beam into nine: a prim...  Read More

G4G Guns Sells the Armalite Eagle 15 Online

For many weapons aficionados, there’s no other rifle like the Armalite Eagle 15 when it comes to versatile and adaptable technologies incorporated into a rapid-fire platform. Gun collectors and first-time buyers should go to to find outstanding deals on the Armalite Eagle 15 and all the accessories that make it a special gun to own and use. Every Feature Creates Long-Term Value When customers go to our website, they find a lot of value that comes with every gun or accessory purchased from G4G Guns. The first step in creating value is price and the prices on the guns at G4G Guns are really amazing. The next step is creating value through the purchasing process. That’s where G4G Guns really sets the bar at its highest level. C...  Read More

G4G Guns sells Century Products

The guns manufactured by Century are legendary and so are the guns Century imports from offshore. At G4G Guns, we are proud to offer all kinds of Century products on our website. Century Has Only the Best in Weapons When Century International Arms started in 1961, it was a small business run by a couple of brothers-in-law that imported offshore guns and ammunition to sell in North America. More specifically, the company imported AK-47’s built by foreign manufacturers because demand for the gun was extremely high in the 1970s. Over time, the availability of foreign-made AK-47’s began to dry up, and so the company decided to build its own guns. Since that time, Century has developed a reputation for being durable and dependable, and they ...  Read More

The Cost of a transfer

For those that have never purchased a gun online from a licensed dealer, this is the way it works. The dealer will ship your purchase to another licensed dealer, where you will perform (and hopefully pass) a background check. This service is called a firearm transfer, and the vendor performing this service will charge a fee for this service usually called a transfer fee.   There are several options open to you as a customer for the best deal on a transfer. It’s a good idea to shop around and find out who has the lowest fees or the best value for your needs. The first thing to do is find out who is in your local area with the proper license. This is public information and can be found for free at Just type in yo...  Read More